The location of Tangshan has obvious advantages and is located in the center of Bohai Bay. It is located in the eastern part of Hebei Province, which is in the east longitude 11 7°31’-11 9°19’, and north latitude 38°55’-40°28’. Tangshan City is separated from Qinhuangdao by the Luanhe in the east, adjacent to Tianjin in the west, Bohai in the south, Yanshan in the north, and separated from Chengde City by Great Wall. It is about 130 kilometers long from east to west and 150 kilometers wi
The name ofTangShanoriginated in Tang Dynasty. In the 19th year of ZhenGuan Period (AD 645), Emperor TaiZong of Tang LI ShiMin made an east tour and garrisoned inDaChengMountain. He once came to the mountainside for view and fishing. Pleased with what he saw, he granted and surnamed the mountain TANG. So the mountain becameMOUNTTANGand the water became TANG XI (XI for brook in Chinese) which is now the DouHe (River Dou). The bridge on water was calledTangShanBridgewhile the town over the bridgeh
The annual volume of road cargo transportation was 410 million tons, an increase of 6.1% over the previous year; the cargo transportation turnover was 104.91 billion tons, an increase of 8.5%. The number of passengers on the road was 28.87 million, an increase of 6.5%; the passenger transportation turnover was 2.58 billion person-km, an increase of 5.0%. Tangshan City has 738 passenger transport lines and 1499 passenger trains. And 71 new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly buses were add more>>
Mineral resources:There are 49 kinds of minerals in Tangshan City, nearly 30 kinds of which are exploited and utilized. The main minerals are coal, iron, gold and limestone (including cement, alkali, flux, limestone for ash), dolomite for metallurgy, oil and natural gas, etc. The main mineral reserves: 5.12 billion tons of coal, mainly distributed in Guye District, Kaiping District, Fengnan District, Lunan District, Lubei District, and Yutian County; iron ore 6.86 billion tons, mainly distribute more>>
After 100 years of development, Tangshan has gradually formed the pillar industries of steel, equipment, chemicals, energy and building materials, relying on the advantages of location, resources and ports. It has been named as the steel material industrialization base, National Torch Plan ceramic material industry base and “Northern Porcelain Capital”, which is an important energy and raw material base of the country.1. The heavy chemical industry is in a dominant position. By the end of 2016 more>>