Tangshan ceramics: Tangshan is known as the “Northern Porcelain Capital” and has an ancient traditional porcelain art. It began in the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty and has a history of nearly 600 years. The main techniques of Tangshan ceramics decoration are carving gold, spray color, glaze color, etc., forming the unique style of Tangshan ceramics. At present, the main products of Tangshan ceramics include daily-use porcelain, architectural porcelain, sanitary porcelain, industrial physico-chemical porcelain, high-tech porcelain, art exhibition porcelain, etc., with more than 500 varieties.

Tangshan ceramics has a series of brilliance: “Red Rose”, the first brand of Chinese daily-use ceramics; “Huida” sanitary porcelain has three major titles: Chinese Famous Brand, China Top Brand and National Inspection-free Products; “Longda” bone china, Shanghai APEC Conference Special Porcelain; “National Torch Program Ceramic Materials Industry Base” adds luster to Tangshan; lead-free bone china, breaking through the technical barriers of international trade and opening up the world market for high-end daily-use porcelain.

Tangshan China Ceramic Expo is a large-scale exhibition and trading activity of ceramics, ceramics machinery and related products sponsored by China International Trade P365正网开户romotion Committee, China Light Industry Federation, China Building Materials Industry Association and Hebei Provincial People’s Government, and co-sponsored by China Ceramics Industry Association, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, China Economic Liaison Center and Tangshan Municipal People’s Government. Since the first Tangshan China Ceramic Expo was held on September 16, 1998, it has been welcomed by friends from all walks of life, especially in the ceramic industry. The scale of the exhibition has been expanding year by year and the number of exhibitions has increased from 350 in the first session to over 1000.